Oriented to the field of outsourcing, (IBS) International Business Service is an outsourcing company that processes the entire BtoB type customer experience process. IBS was created in Tunisia in July 2017 with an agile and performance-oriented innovative vision to produce a measurable impact and deliver added value for its customers and employees.

With a workforce of more than 50 trained and highly qualified employees, we work in partnership with our customers and act as an extension of their business to achieve their most ambitious goals and meet their greatest challenges.

Thanks to our modern infrastructure spread over two sites in Tunis, we ensure that our customers have access to the best technological infrastructure to benefit from specific and effective support services.

We are a partner that has improved the results and proved its expertise with key accounts in the telecommunications field, multi-channel customer relationship management, banking and finance.

Our management team is made up of experts from large organizations and with years of experience in the field of outsourcing, to increase the value of the company and to implement the right steps to gain the trust of its collaborators and partners and build strong links. We proceeded to implement the necessary measures to apply to the company the General Regulations on Data Protection (RGPD) as a company that offers outsourcing services in Tunisia for the European Union market. . We are also in the process of obtaining ISO 9001 Certification.

Our Values

Because the values of a company mark its path and mark its best moments, these values: "professionalism, respect, ethics, creativity and commitment" have allowed us to distinguish ourselves in our sector of activity and to evolve positively.

  • 1. Professionalism

    We are always looking for excellence in the smallest actions, and every detail. Respect deadlines, be efficient, reliable and always up to the expectations of our customers and our employees. Our excellent reputation on the market is a challenge that will not end.

  • 2. Respect

    We believe that every effort is a form of respect. We do what we are committed to doing. We respect the decisions made, we respect the difference. We learn to adapt with our work environment with respect.

  • 3. Ethics

    Our corporate policy is based on transparency, honesty and communication. We are continually looking for relationship maturity and professional growth. We strive to find individual and collective balance.

  • 4. Creativity

    We love what we do, and we savor every success together. Through this harmony, we create, innovate and evolve.

  • 5 . Commitment

    We said to ourselves a big "YES" for the best and for the worst. A commitment is for us a birth of a new adventure; We take care of any kind of commitment between employees and / or partners. We honor our promises without compromising the quality of our services and services.

A Citizen Company

Since the creation of IBS we have projected ourselves to adopt a citizen attitude.

Convinced by the values ​​and principles we follow, we recognize that our duty is to respond to the general interest at the local and social level.

Several actions are carried out within IBS which ensure the physical and moral health of our employees within the company. We take care to train, respect and support them throughout their career in the company.

We have good conditions that favor their evolutions within the company and allow them to take full advantage of their private and professional life with respect and without constraints or abuses.

We build strong relationships with our customers and reinforce them through the integration of standards and data protection charters. Indeed, the ISO 9001 standard is being obtained to guarantee a commitment and a value of size vis-à-vis our partners. And for more assurance and confidence we have started the procedure to the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) which was confirmed in May 2018 by the EU.

We believe that a healthy environment is a sign of development and civilization, so we often attract the attention of our employees through actions that aim to minimize the consumption of paperwork and energy.

We are grateful to our society and any element that contributes to its growth, which is why we should integrate the dimension of corporate citizenship.

And this is just the beginning of the adventure!


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